Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hiking to Harpo

Oh my gosh, I’m updating twice in one week! Crazy right?! I just wanted to catch you up on the “Have You E-mailed Oprah Yet?” campaign.

Guess what!! Southwest Airlines employees in Phoenix will be wearing the t-shirts and passing out flyers! At least 15,000 people walk through that terminal a day! How wonderful is that! We really, truly are going to save lives! Doesn’t that kind of give you the chills to think that we will have a hand in helping someone fight an awful disease like leukemia or lymphoma? Oh, or MDS!

Not only is SWA on board, Phoenix Children’s hemot clinic, the Apothecary Shop, Preferred Home Health Care, several high schools including-Gilbert, Campo Verde, & Mesquite, a few sororities, the Miniature Tigers band, the Town of Gilbert, the City of Tucson, and even elementary schools are helping out! Together, we can and we will reach Oprah! We have a great team behind the campaign.

You know, although this “climb” has been absolutely heartbreaking and scary, it’s not all bad. It’s opened my eyes to a need like this and for that I am so thankful. God’s got a plan.

Back to my point! It’s getting big! I’m beyond excited. But we need as many e-mails as possible! I wrote this blurb describing my story and my passion for the cause:

“On Septemeber 29th, 2009, one year ago, I sat at home unsure of my chances at living. If I didn’t have a match I couldn’t receive the life saving stem cell transplant I needed; the only cure to the disease that consumed me.

I later found out not only did I have one good match; I had two. Both of my brothers were a perfect match. My story is EXTREMELY rare. Unfortunately, 6/10 people in need of a transplant don’t get the second chance at life I was blessed with.

From that day on it was my goal to bring awareness to the need for donors in the National Marrow Registry. I set out not in search of a match for myself, but for thousands of others fighting diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. My hope is that no one will ever again experience the desperation and helplessness my family felt that week.

On September 29th ,2010 we plan to flood Oprah’s inbox with as many e-mails about Ceci’s Climb as possible. The goal of the “Have You E-mailed Oprah Yet?” campaign is to find donors on a much larger scale. From all you have to do is enter some general info and say you want to see Ceci’s Climb. Or you can send @theoprahshow a tweet.

Please e-mail Oprah so we can make a life saving transplant a reality for the 6,000 people searching the National Marrow Registry for a match each day. “

We have flyers, stickers, and t-shirts available! So, if you are interested in any of the above-shoot me an e-mail at The t-shirts are $6.00 and come in sizes S-4XL. (Picture of shirts coming soon.)

Get ready Oprah, because we're climbing your way!


  1. Ahhhh! I'm so excited at how close it is! I've been telling anyone with ears. I definitely get chills everytime I think about it! I love two updates in a week :) It's amazing how many lives we all can change! I'm looking forward to it and counting down the days! 16 days! (If my treasurers skills didn't fail me!)
    Love you lots and lot and . . . Oh yeah, LOTS!

  2. Ryan Paul ChristensonSeptember 17, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    Hey Carolyn, this is your brother RYAN. And I'm not emailing Oprah. I think Allan is gonna though because he loves you way more.

  3. Wahoo! It's almost here I can't wait! When I told Rochelle Miniature Tigers was helping she flipped! She LOVES them!! It's so cool to see how many people are helping out, man are we literally flooding Oprah. I love you so much Ceci!!!!
    Love Corinne

  4. I am so excited! Only 10 more days! You are doing an amazing thing miss Carolyn Christenson:)I love you you are wonderful! I am definitely emailing Oprah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have a very distant cousin who works for Harpo studios. If it helps...Do you have a formal write up I could send her?

    ~Mrs. Fluegel