Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photos, Fashion, & Fun

Last week, Annie Gerber, the awesome photographer who took my bald shots, has done it again. She took some new pictures for us to use on the flyers, website, etc. You should check out her website,

Other than lots of work on the campaign, I went over to Chelsea's house and made headbands. I also went to dinner for my friend Corinne's birthday. It was so fun, they had the prettiest little setup (outside for me). There were roses and candles.

I actually participated in activities. It is so much fun to be around people my age again. But it's still strange to me. It's great to be out and doing things. I'm so thankful to be able to even go to someone's house. But it also makes me kind of jealous. It's this flood of emotions. I'm sad because I don't get to all of the time. I'm angry because it feels like I should. I'm happy because I realize it will soon be me. I'm thankful I am still getting to do some activities. Then I feel guilty because there are kids who don't ever get that chance after having cancer. I know I have a lot to be thankful for (like being alive). Then I feel bad because I have to let myself be sad in order to truly be happy. Finally, I end up reading my Bible and listening to music and realize that I shouldn't worry. Okay, there's a look inside my head you probably didn't want.

Anyways, I've had a few small blackouts this week (when I say blackout I mean when I stand up too quickly I see black) which usually means my hemoglobin is low. But it's "Movin Along Monday" tomorrow and we should be tapering on the Cyclosporine and take care of that issue! It could also be the fact that they lowered the amount of fluids I'm receiving and I might be dehydrated. The doctors said that no one would be thirsty if they were getting 50 oz nightly like I was, so they went down to about 25oz. Yeah, still not thirsty. Who knows!

We are heading into week four of the taper. It seems like it is going by so slowly, yet I can't figure out where the time goes! Sometimes it feels like four days and sometimes it feels like four years! We are getting so close though. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that, yes, it's actually happening. It makes me want to smile, cry, scream, jump, and pray all at the same time.

Guess what? Homecoming is this Saturday! Just like last year, I get to go to dinner! We will be eating at an outside restaurant. I have an excuse to dress up and wear high heels! Speaking of high heels, Ryan came home and he brought a gift. When I was eight years old we made a deal. If he ever played professional baseball, he owed me a pair of shoes. I'm not sure how I talked him into this deal. It doesn't really seem fair, he does all of the hard work and has to buy me shoes? Oh well, it worked out in my favor! He certainly came through. The day I got to buy make-up we happened to walk by the shoe department (I say "happened" in case my doctors are reading this). I fell in love with a pair of shoes. A month later, Ryan brought them home for my first interview! He's a keeper.
I got a comment on my last blog (shown below).I figured Ryan was just trying to act all tough after his sweet shoe gift. He was still asleep and had gotten a new glove. So, I decided two could play that game. I took his new glove and dangled it over the toilet and wrote "Now do you feel like e-mailing Oprah?" and slid the note under his door. Well, he woke up and was really confused (and most likely thought I was a big jerk). And then the light bulb went on; IT WAS ALLAN!!

It's been flyer mania! We have our flyer, A frame signs, and stickers all ready for print for the "Have You E-mailed Oprah Yet" campaign. Plus we got our sample t-shirts. Thank you so much for all of the shirt orders. Sorry, I didn't include a picture before; if you haven't already, it's your last chance to order. Shoot me an e-mail at! (Kelly and Kalma blinged mine!)

If you're participating in the "Have You E-mailed Oprah Yet?" campaign please snap a picture or video of what you're doing! We want to capture all the participants that day- at the schools, in the airport, passing out flyers, wearing the shirts, etc. Flyer coming soon! I'm supposed to be typing a letter..gotta go!


  1. LOVE THE SHOES!!! Allan is a rascal and I'm sure Ryan forgave you for even thinking of dangling his new glove over the toilet bowl. (good one, btw)
    It seems natural to go through a slew of emotions when you're dealing with such a life changing event. You've gone through so much on this climb to get to where you are now, Carolyn. You're amazing and strong, kind and caring, heartfelt and lovely. You're an inspiration to so many who see you, hear your story and read your blog. You keep climbing. You'll get there.
    God has a plan for all of us. We just don't always know what that plan is. So, we just keep doing our best to live our lives and to be good people. We help others and do our best to honor HIM in all we do. Carolyn, you're doing all of those things and then some.
    Your climb has taken you so far and you've touched so many people with your actions, words and spirit. It says so much about you that you worry about others and are using this challenge in your life to help those less fortunate.
    Your E-mail Oprah campaign is going to be such a success! I cannot wait!!

  2. Oh, Ceci, you look soooo cute and onery! Isn't it fun to feel like teasing your brothers? I PRAISE THE LORD that you feel like it! So many people are praying for you and looking forward to emailing Oprah. Thanks for the look inside your head---I think most all of us can identify with all those emotions---I think you said it very well when you said you had to let yourself feel sad in order to be happy; then turned to God's Word; He's always there, waiting for us. Thanks for the reminder. Oh! Cute, cute shoes for a cute, cute, gal!!! Much Love, Rexie & Kathy

  3. Oh Man!!! You dangled his NEW glove over the toilet...OK..Connor almost had a stroke when I told him you did that to a big leaguer! He didn't care that it was ONLY your brother! Hahaha!

    The pictures on Annie's website of you are AMAZING! I can't wait to see pics of you for homecoming!

    We are awaiting the flyers and shirts on Monday and we'll get this Oprah Party Started!!! Oh Yeah!!!!

    Love ya kid!
    The McCords