Sunday, March 15, 2009

sunday evening

Ceci here. I'm laying in the hospital bed waiting for the doctor to grace me with his presence. As i lay here hooked up to the IV I can't help but think about how lucky I am to be surrounded by my family and friends. Although its spring break and I'm supposed to be tanning on the beach of Hawaii, I'm laying here and i made up a little story. I really did make it to Hawaii, I am staying at the PCH hotel, and I get pressure massages hourly. When really its only a blood pressure cuff, I'm thankful to be getting better. I still have room service (5-Food), its only jello, but I'll take it, and the transfusions made me look sunburned. I sleep with eye covers, just like sunglasses. There's even a cute guy (he's only 1 and 1/2, but he still counts.) It's Hawaii for my health. My body needed to make a change. The nurses are great and the doctor's words go right over my head, but Dr. Etzel drew me a pretty picture. I'm surrounded by family, friends, and an outpour of love and support, what more could a girl ask for?


  1. CEC! <3
    Cat and I (E) are sittin here just thinkin about you! We are so glad we got the chance to visit you today and we're very glad to see you are gettin better. Hopefully our surprise visit cheered you up and gave you more strength to keep pushin on. And OW! OW! did you see that boyy Logan! wooo! haha The hug was cautee! And don't worry no one noticed the pee in the toilet, but me(THE MEXICAN)...:)


    Cat and Elysia (your best buds!)

  2. Ceci,
    You looked gorgeous yeterday and I was so happy i got to see you!!! :D I thinks its sad that you looked cuter than all of us girls when you were laying in a hospital bed! (no doubt that Logan agrees);) And babe you are so optimistic i love it! You are so lucky becaues you do have an adorable amamzing family and friends that love you more than you even know! Keep fighting you got it! you will be better in no time! I LOVE YOU
    ps. hahaha Elysia (THE MEXICAN) and Cat would say something like that! love ya guys! hahaha

  3. pss. I forgot to tell you, I have the gloves and mask thing hung up in my room now!! Logan, "Where can i get one of those?" hahaha

  4. hey carolyn!!!! wow you are so optamistic!!!! you're such a great example to me! :)
    <3 naomi
    p.s. when can i come see you?

  5. Hey ceci!!!!!! So glad i finally got to see you!!! (even if i couldn't hug you!) Its so great that you cn finally be home! hope yu enjoyed our decorations!!!
    love naomi