Saturday, March 14, 2009

Evening News

Wow, she looks fabulous. W e are talking, the next covergirl for Vogue. Just got home from a quick visit. Carolyn has red, rosy cheeks again, smells like a sweet pea, and she didn't even fall asleep in her dinner. She has received 4 pints of blood in total. Drs are leaning towards a bad virus in her blood. She has been tested for a variety of different virus strands but no results as of yet. Dr says some viruses may take up to several months to cure. So the tentative plan would be to head for home once labs return to normal to recuperate and return to the hospital if any of her symptoms return. Praise God. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and cards.


  1. WAY TO BE CAROLYN!!!!!! you are such a fighter! im sooooooo excited you're statring to get better! i hope i can come see you very soon! :) I'll continue to pray, wish, and hope!!!
    love naomi

  2. Ceci!!
    Im very happy that you are improving! You were in my prayers all day and will be in them today too while Im at church. Keep on fighting that stinkn sickness! love babe!!
    ps. When can I visit you!?!?!? :D