Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 12

Ceci again. Each day seems to bring something new. Two days ago, it was oxygen to help me breathe. Sunday brought more pain medicine (Praise God). And today, brought an ANC!! My ANC reached twenty-four. Although that's still extremely low it is the first line of cells to some back after a stem cell transplant. How incredible is that?However; my doctor cannot officially confirm my engraftment. Hopefully tomorrow will bring the good news.

The pain seems to be increasing each day. Along with the mucus. However; yesterday was my last dose of Methetrexate. The doctor has informed us it will only get better from here! I'm still getting oxygen. When you are on pain medicine your lungs don't fully expand. (I think it may be my body recovering from my big New Year's Eve party). Drinking gatorade and taking my single oral medicine is quite the task. Three additional pumps have been added so that my medication can be infused through my line. I'm on three different antibiotics and fever free since yesterday morning.

I haven't done much in the days I've been here; I basically sleep and clean my mouth. That honestly sums up my day. However; I was in a silly mood and my alter ego "C-Sweezy" came out recently. Here's what happened:

"Grandpas asleep. He isn't allowed to make a single peep. He's got an
open wound. They're giving it time to heal while he can't feel. He's
got an IV meal. Called TPN it's bagged and sealed. I'm at PCH on some
of the same meds. He's at banner--we have different sized beds. Well I
hope for his sake. He's in ICU until he can be awake. I guess this
gets us both out of yardwork since we share the same one. I'd say we
are both doing hard work. Hospitals aren't all that fun. Good thing
our stays are almost done. We both can't wait to see tylie run and get
out into the sun. Enough about this. This message is about gp who I
miss. Sending him a virtual kiss."
We are still praying for Grandpa. I don't have anything new to report on him. Let's consider that a good thing. Please continue to pray for both of us. I have a BIG prayer to say tonight and includes the word "thanks" often.


  1. Thanks Ceci for your continual optimism and the updates! We continue to pray for you, your friend next door, and your Grandpa. The journey is accomplished in small steps along the way. You are making PROGRESS!

  2. Ceci, I have been following your blogs and praying for you and your grandpa. Your positive attitude and smile are so inspirational. I will continue to check in on you!
    Mrs. Hernandez :)

  3. Wow that is a great rap. You should go into the buisness ha. I am praying for you both love you to the moon and back. Chels

  4. I never thought I'd say, "Praise the Lord" for an ANC of 24 but I do!!! I am so thankful things are happening. I loved your poem and picture. I hope your pain is subsiding. We continue to pray. Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  5. You amaze me Carolyn! what a miracle! way to be ANC!!! Chels is right too...that rap was fantastic. i loved every word. I will keep you and your grandfather in my prayers.i love ya!
    <3 naomi

  6. Ceci, you keep climbing!!! Love, Kathy

  7. Ceci, I have been meaning to write this comment, but cant think of the words to say. I was the nurse in the ICU that was with your grandpa and family the day he went to heaven. Your family touched me and truly changed my life, I learned a lot about your family, how sweet your grandpa was, and your story. It really has made me realize how little I have to complain about in life.

    I will always remember your sweet, SWEET grandma ('gammy' if I remember right), and her love for your entire family. I promise to keep up with you through your inspiring blog, and will add you to my prayers. Please tell them all Alex from the ICU says hello and sends her love!