Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

Can you believe this is 2010? As we reflect on 2009, we have many emotions that correspond with the many events that the year brought. In that reflection, we want to express our gratefulness for the emotional, physical and spiritual support that we have received from all of you. You have been a blessing!!

The New Year ushered Ceci in with a fever. So since Ceci IS the party, the New Year’s Party in the Pink Palace had to be put on hold!! It is difficult for her to fight infections and fevers because of her low white cell count and her current ANC is 9 (a normal ANC is 1500). I know, YIKERS!! The meds continue to produce sores starting from her mouth and continuing through her digestive system. It is very painful. So as you can imagine, her new best friend is her pain pump.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our Grandpa. He remains in the ICU with his health issues unchanged. Today they will change the dressing on the incision, which does require them to take him to the OR. The doctors also shared today they will probably leave him sedated until next Friday because he will be sore from them stitching him up on Wednesday.

We wish you each blessings for the New Year of peace, love, joy, and happiness!

Aunt Jane

Penning for Ceci


  1. I will pray for your ANC to increase so that you can fight those fevers and anything else that isn't welcome. I also pray that Ryan's gift to you will show positive signs that its working each and every day. You are surrounded with love both in person and in spirit. Keep the faith..fight the fight and continue The Climb. 2010 will be your year Ceci. Thanks so much to your Aunt Jane for keeping us updated. Love, Kindra

  2. Ha this is such an adorable picture! Your Aunt Jane is ARE the party!Happy New Year Carolyn! This is the year; I just know it! We will be fasting and praying for your health and Grandfather. We love you so very much! Love, Naomi

  3. We are praying for you and know that your climb to health in 2010 will be a reality...keep fighting hard, keep the faith and know that there are SO MANY people that love you and are cheering for you. Lots of love to you, your hero brothers, your wonderful parents. Your grandfather is in our prayers too. Aunt Jane thank you for this wonderful link to one of the most outstanding young women I know...She is amazing and courageous...and we love her.
    Naomi's mom

  4. Oh, Ceci, you just look precious! I think your pink palace is wonderful. I am so sorry you have to be uncomfortable(I'm sure you can think of another word that would describe it better, huh?). We hurt for you and your grandpa. We're praying. Love, Kathy & Rexie

  5. I love you Ceci Happy New Year this one is going to be great I can feel it. BY the way I love the tiara I new it would look cute on you!!
    Keep the faith
    I love you Chels

  6. We're sorry to hear of the challenges, but know you conquer each one with faith and grace. We continue to pray for Grandpa too!