Friday, January 1, 2010


Today finds Ceci with a new “do” and more pumps! Ryan and Allan have become hair stylists….move over runway stylists!! Due to large quantities of hair loss yesterday, Ceci decided it was time to lose it all. So the boys assisted and voila, they all three look alike now! Talk about natural beauty!

She had a good night, only getting up once…woo hoo! They did add another pain pump today. She likes that pain med being “on demand”. Her pole is getting heavier now with eight pumps and three bags! It is quite the process getting from her bed to the bathroom. No wonder she told Dr. Douglas that she was going to run when they unhooked her a couple of days ago!! It’s not “run, Forest, run” but “run, Ceci, run”!!

Grandpa fell on Sunday (27th) and unbeknown to us, he started to bleed internally. So Tuesday morning he was admitted to Banner Gateway Hospital and underwent surgery to relieve the internal pressure of his organs. The way his doctor explained it was his organs were like the toy snake in a can… when you took the lid off the snake jumped out. He is sedated completely. He will remain that way until next Wednesday when he will undergo another surgery to remove the “sponge” they put in on Tuesday and stitch him back up. Please pray that he remains comfortable, that his blood levels continue to improve and that his right kidney continues to respond to the medication (the left one has shrunk and does not function properly).

We cannot express our appreciation enough for all of your thoughts and prayers. We are encouraged and our family is staying strong! Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!

Aunt Jane

Penning for Ceci


  1. Ceci, you look beautiful!! Ryan & Allan look pretty good, too!! What a blessed gal you are to have such wonderful brothers! We're praying for you and your grandpa. What a year, huh? Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  2. Natural beauty is right! Guess its that inner beauty shining through all of you. I hope the pain lessens soon Ceci. Your pole is too full..they definitely don't want you running anywhere. I will continue to pray for your Grandpa and his speedy recovery along with yours. Happy New Year and may 2010 be the beginning of a wonderful, healthy new year. Love, Kindra

  3. That is one fine lookin' bunch! :)

    We are thinkin of you and hoping and praying for Grampa too. We will send him some sugar too. The uphill battle is steep, but now you can see the descent down the other side will be well worth it! Keep it up... and to Aunt Jane..."Thank you so much for penning for Ceci...we love keeping up even if we can only do it from a distance of the pink palace!"
    Love the McCords

  4. Thanks, Aunt Jane for keeping us posted. We love the new hair do's. . . . . .Ceci, you are loved so much by people all over the world. We are praying hard for you and also for your dear Grandpa. God must truly love your family to give you so many "learning opportunities." He is increasing all of our faith as we see you being so strong!

  5. Ceci- not sure if you remember us but you and your Mom went shopping with Cody and I for Nick's birthday party! You were so much fun that day and I'm glad to see that your humor has continued while you go thru this! We will keep praying for you and your Grandpa! You are even more beautiful without hair! Some people can just do the bald thing well and you can really pull that off! Wow! If you need anything let us know! xoxo Alice, Earle and Cody