Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grandpa's Halo

The last three days have been bittersweet. The earth lost a great man, but Heaven received a new Angel. Grandpa passed away on January 5 at 12:20pm. Bitter because we miss him so much and sweet because Grandpa is no longer suffering. His shingles are gone. His internal bleeding stopped. His lack of hearing was restored. He's no longer enduring the pain and agony he had to for so long. GP is in Heaven. Grandpa is embracing God and I think he's already started making things happen down here for us. Each time something good happens I always look up and thank God first and GP second. He'll be greatly missed. All of his great belly laughs, congratulatory thumbs up, giving him "sugar", his candy, leaving hopeful voicemails, and hearing him call me "his baby" are some of the things I'll miss most. However; I am at peace to know he's in Heaven, out of pain, and my guess, eating some chocolate. Once again and forever, I love you Grandpa.

Thank you for the love, prayers, and support you've shown my family. We extend are greatest appreciation to all of you. There will be a public viewing on Sunday, Jan. 10 at Falconer Funeral Home from 6-8pm. The funeral service for Grandpa's will be 11am at Sun Valley Community Church on Monday, Jan. 11.


  1. My sympathy and prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time. I know that you were very close to your Grandpa and have great memories to carry you through the difficult times. Knowing that he isn't suffering any more eases that pain too. Continue your Climb as he watches over you from Heaven. Love, Kindra

  2. Our prayers continue to be with your precious family. When we got the text yesterday from Pam Gerber about your grandpa, my first thought was, "Now, he'll be able to help Ceci in ways he never could before." You know he is there with you in every step of this amazing climb. This is one of my favorite quotes by Carol Lynn Pearson:

    God gave us memories
    That we might have roses in December
    And that smiles might never fade
    But whisper the joy of yesterday.

    Your memory bank and your faith will sustain you during this most difficult time. Please feel a hug from WA. Love, Tamara and Richard

  3. Ceci, and family...I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know your grandfather well, but in the few times I met him, he and your grandmother made me feel like family. He was a rare breed, your grandfather...his heart showed on the outside, and his hugs were whole, and genuine. I am so glad I got to know him a little, because in that brief time, he changed me somehow. I'm a better person because of it.


  4. Ceci, we are hurting for you and with you. One of my fondest memories of Ray Bob is that he would always insist on washing dishes when they were in Oklahoma visiting. I felt honored when he allowed me to dry the dishes as he washed them at Grand---we had the best visits! His warmth and genuine concern is soooo impressive. And his stamina, even in the midst of much pain has just been amazing---in fact, as I was typing this, you came right into my mind, too---I believe you two have a lot in common. I understand where you get your ability to keep climbing--no matter what. Much love and prayers, Kathy & Rexie

  5. We will miss Grandpa! Your family is amazing and we are honored to know all of you and will feel the loss. He was the "candy grandpa" to my kids and he made an impression on their little lives as well. Your faith is tremendous and your fight courageous! We love you!

    Your are in our prayers! The Driggers

  6. Ceci,
    I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I know he was a very important part of your life. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Mrs. Bray

  7. I watched the funeral service via the Internet today and what you wrote about your grandpa was so sweet. I think it is so neat that you did that. And you are definitely right about the fact that you are going to beat MDS!! I'm praying for you and your family!

    Jena Belle

  8. Ceci, My name is Natalie, I am one of the Respiratory Therapists that had the honor of spending time with your Grandpa and Grandma as well as other family members, before he passed. You have a wonderful loving family and I feel blessed to have met them. I did hear a lot about you and was able to see some of your pics that your Grandma so proudly flaunted and you are beautiful. You stay strong as I know you are and know that many prayers are being sent your way. All my best Natalie Winfrey