Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've had a great week. I woke up on March 13th, a year from the day this journey began. It feels like it was so long ago, but I remember it very clearly. I was crying while packing my suitcase. We were leaving the next day for Oklahoma. I didn't have much strength. I was extremely fatigued and when my Mom walked in my room I told her I just couldn't go. As it turns out the next place I'd be packing for would be the hospital. I had labs drawn the day before and the doctor called with the results. My hemoglobin was 6. We were immediately sent to the hospital, but first I had to take a shower (I heard the hospital didn't have good shampoo). "Ceci's Climb" was born. I’m happy to be sitting here today and looking back at how far I’ve come.

Something I've been really excited about is writing Oprah about Ceci's Climb. I feel so passionate about it. I've written way too many drafts and finally I think I've got my final draft. So the process begins. I sent an e-mail, next will be the letter, a video, etc until our cause is heard! But, if anyone has connections, please speak up!

We went to clinic today and actually left the doctor speechless. She looked at my chart and back at me. She didn't have anything to say. It was fantastic. We waited on my lab results to find that my counts were lower. It gave the doctor something to say. She said counts could fluctuate; which we already knew. It's always upsetting to hear you're counts are down. My platelets were 90, WBC-1.4, ANC-770, but my hemoglobin was holding at 10.7. We had to go over the entire list of things that could be affecting them. So much for speechless. They like to discuss every option. Bacterial, fungal, the meds. could have side effects, etc. It almost seems premature to hear "if it's this, we'll do this." My opinion is that we should just wait and find out what it actually is!

I'm officially off of the tacro(anti-rejection)! This is wonderful news. Not only can I sleep through the morning, but it is a big step to freedom. I take that back a HUGE step. First, I get off of the tacro. Second, say goodbye to IV fluids. Third, the Broviac comes out. And three to six short months later I'll be reciting Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech "Free at last, God almighty, I'm free at last." Well there's a little more to it than that but you get the gist. Actually, they told us that not many people are off of Tacrolimus before day one-hundred. I am so blessed. Makes you want to drop to your knees and say thank you. As a matter of fact, I did. The word I'd use to describe clinic today is bittersweet.

In the picture, I'm holding volume three of my file. Hopefully, the final volume.


  1. Wow I finally got a chance to look at the whole blog and I feel totally speachless. You are a fighter and are one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Keep up the good spirits. After all, they always say it's mond over matter. :)
    Larissa Brown (Freshman PE Class)

  2. Ceci..what an incredible year. You are an amazing person and I'm sure Oprah and her staff will see through your letter and video what a difference you will make on the people and families that you touch. You touch us through daily life on a regular basis. I am so proud of you and your fight to overcome this. The Climb continues and I will be here every step of the way to support and cheer you on. Love, Kindra

  3. Oprah?! That's awesome, girl! I know she'll be blown away by what you've gone through and the faith you've kept through it all! I know I've said it many times before, but you are AMAZING!! I'll be flying out to see you tomorrow morning! Yea!! =) Love ya, Jena

  4. Gosh, Ceci, March 13th is my birthday--I didn't know that was your anniversary date--I won't forget to celebrate with you yearly now!!! I just dropped to my knees and prayed, too----after reading your blog, how could anyone not....God is soooooooooo to be PRAISED!!!! You look beautiful in your picture. Your family and friends are so blessed that you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Oprah, get ready! Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  5. Yeah no more tacro thats awesome!!! And I had no idea you were writing Oprah! I'm sure she'll be thrilled to help join the cause! You continue to amaze me I love you so much:)
    Love Corinne

  6. Wow you are amazing! Oprah is huge we will be praying it gets in. Lets hope its the last volume. They say 3rd times a charm! Keep climbing:)

  7. Buh-bye tacro! As popular as I am, I currently have no pulls with Oprah. Odd, I know. However, I think the math teacher in the room next to mine is related to Brad Pitt. I'm so proud of all you do for people, and whenever you need help your #1 VP is ready to report to duty :) You keep finding more and more ways to amaze me! Lots of love, Karissa

  8. What a difference a year makes! I have said this a million times, but it is so true...YOU AMAZE ME and I am so proud of you and all of the work you do for others! Oprah would be lucky to meet you and be a part of your climb.

    Mrs. Bray

  9. What a journey you have been on the last year. WOW! You have touched so many of us. Many of my friends and relatives are praying for you--even though they have never met you. What a blessing it would be for you to explain about your climb to Oprah. What a JOY it is to know you. We have been in AZ the last 9 days and were hoping to see you, but Pam said it was not the best timing. Hopefully next time. But Pam is supposed to deliver hugs to you from us. Love, Tamara and Richard from WA