Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day Negative Seven...was Positively Great.

Wow, today was a BIG day! It's been a great one might I add. It is December 15th, also known as Admit day. I got to see my decorated room. I love it. It's called the "Pink Palace". It is full of happiness and holiday cheer (Santa does come to the hospital). We just made ourselves at home. My items fill the shelves and drawers. Thank you Aunt Jane.

Today is day negative seven (-7). Day zero (0) will be December 22nd. Chemotherapy starts tomorrow at 9am and will last for four days. I will have two days to rest and then the actual stem cell infusion takes place.

Some things are different than a normal hospital visit, for instance, I get weighed every day at 6am and 6pm, I have to brush my teeth 4 times a day, and I am on an antimicrobial diet. I have a super strength IV pump, different meds of course, my private pink palace, and I have to write down every single thing I drink/eat and the amount. Lastly, I have a stationary bike in my room! I have already exercised twice today! That is twice more than I have in the past 6 months combined. However; some are the same...I still get pumped with liquids, labs are drawn at 4am, and the lovely view of the freeway.

Well the machine is beeping. I better call the nurse. The big red button reminds me of a call light on an airplane. Maybe thats just the Southwest in my blood talking :)


  1. Dera Ceci, This is Tamara Reber Hogsett (a good friend of Pam's). You helped us one day get the flyer ready for Mark and Celeste. Your mom sent me an e-mail this morning with your blog site. We will check it faithfully. Please know that a prayer is not said by me or my amazing husband (we were just married in June) that does not include you and your Mom (plus the rest of your dear family). We will be fasting on the day of the surgery and keep your name on our temple prayer role. This means that thousands of people pray for you every day. We have tried to send e-mails, but we are not on your mom's approved list. . . .Thus we have tried through Pam. You are an inspiration to all of us. We know you are really, really special or God could not have entrusted you with so many learning opportunities. You are helping all of us see Him through you. Please know that we are behind you all the way. Love, Tamara and Richard in cold WA (I miss lots of things in Arizona--but the warmer weather is definitely one of them right now).

  2. Wow! Ceci, you look great!! Jane, too. I'm so glad you have Jane to help make your pink palace extra special. I just love your amazingly positive attitude--I know the nurses are being blessed by you. Keep climbing--we're right behind you if you ever need a little push. Love & prayers, Kathy & Rexie

  3. I think of you each and every day and check this for updates. Your climb is getting closer and closer to the top. It will be very crowded there with so many friends and family to join you in celebration! Keep the faith and beautiful spirit..Love, Kindra

  4. Grandpa & GammieDecember 16, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    Ceci, Looking good, you and Aunt Jane. Iv'e seen pictures of the room and it looks darling just like you. G & G say today: "Happiness is possible only when one is busy. The body must toil, the mind must be occupied, and the heart must be satisfied. Those who do good as opportunity offers are sowing seed all the time, and they need notdoubt the harvest". (This is you Ceci)