Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting Into the Routine of Things

Day negative five has started out at a more leisurely pace than yesterday. We were extremely busy talking to the nutritionalist, the physical therapist, Dr. Adams, Dr. Kiery, and the ICreate team. I got platelets early this morning and the chemotherapy drugs are infusing right now. Each day we are adjusting to the hospital routine more and more.

I think there has been some confusion about the sudden need for platelets. For the duration of the transplant the goal is to keep my platelets at twenty or above. (Platelets are for clotting.) My platelets have been dropping a little each day. Yesterday morning; Dr. Adams came in and told us that there was a shortage of platelets. Although it is the season for sharing people tend to stray from donating over the holiday season. And the need is greater thanks to icy roads, recreational accidents, and lack of donations. Trying to find the perfect gift this year? If you are 16 or older call 1.877.448.4483 and set up an appointment to give blood products. It's the gift of life. All of my neighbors and I here at PCH need your help.


  1. Wow you have got so many supporters! The Gilbert blood center is filling up so fast! I miss you and wish I could be there to hold your hand even though you don't have to get an IV anymore wwoo! I saw the Christmas tree on the blog! It adds such a great touch I might say. Get ready for day 5. Your mom will love it! Feel better we will be praying. Love, Chelsea

  2. I am o negative blood type and a universal donor so I will get in as soon as I can. I've done platletts many times before.

  3. Grandpa & GammieDecember 17, 2009 at 6:30 PM

    Sweet Girl, Just a note in case you have forgot, that G & G love you soooooooooooo much. It was so good to talk to you last night. You sounded so good. How about something corny tonight instead of something serious? Diner: "Do you serve crabs here?" Waiter:"We serve anyone; sit down."

  4. You are so loved! Everyone is jumping in to donate
    platelets! Your spirit and positive attitude will always carry you through. Praying every day.
    You're so close...stay strong! Love, Kindra