Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The pumpkin was carved by my friend Brittany for Halloween. Isn't that cool!

Okay, so I didn't really trick-or-treat. I ate candy out of our bucket. I had this great method. Every trick-or-treater that came to our door and got a piece of candy; I did too. One for them, one for me, one for them, and one for me. It was fair :) I didn't really do that, but I did eat A LOT of candy. Tonight, I won't blame the nausea on the chemo. It is sad hearing the haunted house and not being able to go or seeing the trick-or-treaters through the window (no, that's not creepy). I watched Disney channel scary movies all night only because I can't handle the real ones. I was in the festive mood though. Actually, more this year than ever before. I wore a spider web shirt Friday to clinic, a bright orange sweater Saturday, Minnie Saturday night, I made two signs to decorate the porch, and I had "Monster Mash" on replay all night.

I feel better today. I had a very hard three days. It was almost like a preview of what's to come. I am on anti-nausea medicine every six hours now. I'm just eating, resting, praying, and eating some more. And I would just like to mention that the yankees are 2-1, just saying...I hope you had a fabulous Halloween, eat on!


  1. Grandpa & GammieNovember 1, 2009 at 1:19 PM

    Sweet Girl...You looked great as Minnie I'm just sorry I didn't think of buying it for you instead of Michelle!!Hope your tummy is feeling better from too much candy last night. Grandpa & Gammie say: "You can't keep trouble from coming, but you needn't give it a chair to sit on." Grandpa & Gammie are getting pretty forgetful......Have we told you today that we love you????????????

  2. Ok so sad for us. This is this first year since Chelsea was 4 years old that you two didnt dress up and go trick or treating together. Im not only sad for her but me too. There wasn't enough candy for me to steal at the end of the night. Love the pumpkin. How cool is that??? Laura

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! you look ADORABLE!!!!!! sorry its been so long since i was able to check this but i just got my computer back. i love yuou to pieces!!!!! you're the cutest thing i ever did see!!!!
    love nomers

  4. LOVED the Minnie of my favorite people dressed up as one of my favorite ironic! You looked adorable:)

    Mrs. Bray