Thursday, October 29, 2009

These boots are made for walking...

But my legs aren't. Low hemoglobin makes my legs ache and doesn't supply enough oxygen to important parts of my body. Therefore it makes it difficult to catch my breathe sometimes. My hemoglobin is down to 9.3. I am scheduled to get a red blood cell transfusion tomorrow at 10:30am. All three of my cell lines are down, but this is what they expect from chemotherapy. My platelets are 8, my white blood count is 1.2, and my ANC is 288. Nothing dropped significantly except my hemoglobin. All of the side effects I have been feeling lately the doctor said was expected. It's good to know I'm not making it up. The drop in my hemoglobin is why I have been feeling so poorly within the last couple of days.We scheduled my biopsy for next Friday. The biopsy results won't be in for a week after it is performed, but at least we're moving along.Today, Erin (BMT coordinator) told me to eat what I want and don't force myself to eat anything that doesn't sound good . There goes anything green :) So far, my appetite has fluctuated a lot. I am never too hungry, but thirsty all of the time. I like cheeseburgers, fruit, toast, fries, and soup a lot right now. I'm sure that will all change by tomorrow though! Wow, I talk about food a lot.

It is an exciting week for all of us Arizonans. It is finally boot weather!! It is 65 degrees in Phoenix today. I will be drinking hot chocolate while watching the Yankees win tonight. Something I have been thinking about lately is how lucky I am to have a doctors office to go to. Although it's not my destination of choice, there is a place for me to get treated. It's all the little things we should be thankful for. I'll "talk" to you later!

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  1. Grandpa & GammieOctober 29, 2009 at 5:37 PM

    Ceci,another great blog. You looked good in your boots,and aren't we glad it is cool enough to wear them...Grandpa and Gammies words of wisdom today. "The diamond cannot be polished without friction,nor man perfected without trials." You are our diamond and by the way have we told you today that we love you sooooooooo much.!!!!!