Thursday, July 8, 2010

Half of the Results

Two posts in one week! Wham, bam, slam. I am sitting on my couch eating the ever delicious (and not at all nutritious) bagel bites. We were home from clinic by noon; that's a record.

On Tuesday we tapered my steroids to 5mg in the am and zero (zippo, nada, none, etc.) in the evening. Yesss. Unfortunately; I didn't feel good the next morning and didn't have a good appetite. We found out that my body is not yet used to producing it's own hormones because we have been giving it prednisone for so long. It will take a little while to realize it needs to start producing them (in other words..get their lazy butts back to work). Plus, my Mag was even good-we got to taper just barely on the amount in the fluids; another positive.

I'm still working on my drinking...thanks for the reminders.

And last, but certainly not least. CHIMERISMS! We only have the T Cell results back. It was previously 83% Ryan. It is now 87%! It doesn't sound like a huge jump-it's 4%, but it really is marvelous news. I am taking immune-suppression drugs. The goal is to suppress Ryan slightly so that we don't deal with GVH, but one of the biggest fears is that it will suppress Ryan's percentage in chimerism. Yet another blessing; it hasn't.


  1. Wow I haven't had bagel bites in so long! It sounds like you are doing fabulous! I am so glad it just keeps going up and up and up! 87% now wowowowowowowowowowowowowowow! Mark this one in your calendar! I love youuu keep climbing :)

  2. mmmmm! Bagel bites sound good--I haven't ever tried them. Are you drinking water with them???? Just a little reminder..... And, YEA, Ryan! 87% sounds great!!!! So glad to be able to count your blessings with you! Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  3. 4%? That's higher than I can jump! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better :) It always makes me feel better! Odd little domino affect, that is. Or effect? My brains been melting due to summer . . . I love you so immensely much, some believe it not possible! My prayers continue to go out to you :)
    Love always and dearly,
    P.S. I like the change to the blog :)Cute!

  4. Hey Ceci! I saw your dad yesterday. I wish I would've been seeing you, too! Keep climbing and I'll keep praying! Love you, Jena

  5. You're climbing higher and higher and inspiring all the rest of us too. 4% is huge! Prayers still being said many times a day for you! Hugs from wa!