Monday, February 22, 2010

Unexpected Visit

We had an unplanned visit to clinic today. Don't worry, no emergency. My allergies appeared to be acting up. I've been a mess; sneezing and puffy. The doctors decided it would be best to do a CT scan to be sure. It turns out I have a sinus infection. It is not contagious and a mild case. They started me on a Z-pack of antibiotics to be safe. They say it could come from a variety of different things. Anyone could have caught it with or without a suppressed immune system.

Every once in awhile I stand up to find my vision turning black. I never fall. I just grab on to the nearest stable item. It happens a lot less since the transplant. At first, we attributed it to low hemoglobin. If your hemoglobin is low there is a lack of oxygen in your body. You only see symptoms with a hemoglobin around 8. And my hemoglobin is 10.3! So we are trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

We are also still trying to get to the bottom of the fatigue. The adrenal glands test came back with normal functions. Yet, I'm still tired. They're hoping that curing the sinus infection will help the fatigue. Plus, they added more fluids because I had only been reaching 40oz a day (slacker). Keiry also mentioned I could be dehydrated. Sounds crazy, but my body needs so much fluid to maintain itself. We're plugging away.

My glucose levels are elevated. She said it wasn't the amount of sugar I was eating that was the problem; it's the way my body breaks it down. During the transplant the break down process could have been damaged. My body is trying to do a lot. So, guess what they decided to do? Put the girl who LOVES chocolate on a no sugar diet. Obviously, you can't cut out all sugar because it's in almost everything. So, we are cutting all chocolate, candy, juices, Gamie's homemade desserts, and so much more tonight. If I get a little edgy, blame the doctors. Plus, we are cutting dairy products because they are hard on my stomach. So basically, that leaves whole wheat pasta. However; this could be another clue to the mystery fatigue. High blood sugars most well known symptom is fatigue.

These issues are all small and manageable. Now, to the good stuff. My counts were as follows:
White Blood Count:3.0

As of right now, I will not have a Lupron shot in March. What a huge blessing! My platelets have to remain above fifty for that to happen. I have faith in them. Plus,my tacro level has been dropped to 1.2ml from it's previous 1.8ml. We are most definitely headed in the right direction.


  1. ya no more Lupron!!! we hate that shot. no sugar my poor baby :( does that mean no powerade too. thats ok when this is over i will buy you a huge hershey bar!!! I am so glad that labs are going up up up!!! I love you!!!

  2. Ceci: What a great day this has been for me. I have seen you two times and I think you have looked better than you have in months. Your color is good and a smile on your face!Gammie says: "Resiliency is an important factor in living. The winds of life may bend us, but if we have resilience of spirit, they cannot break us. To courageously straighten again after our heads have been bowed by disappointment & suffering is the supreme test of character."Love,Gammie

  3. No chocolate???? I feel for you----I am pretty much off of it, too----but, it's not fun! However, knowing you, you have already decided it is doable, huh? So, when I am wanting some now, I will think of you and I will feel all better......Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  4. It is always a blessing to sign into your blog and see so much GOOD NEWS. We will take the downs along with all the HIGHS. We well know the challenges of being off sugar and chocolate. We know you can do it and the benefits will be well worth it. The rainbows in our lives do not come until after the clouds and the storms. Goodness, it has been pretty stormy the last year, but we are seeing the rainbow. . . . .YEAH! We give THANKS to God who knows and loves us so much--and understands what we need to learn during this lifetime. We petition for your health and strength every time we pray--which is often. Please feel a huge HUG from WA! Love you! Tamara and Richard