Friday, February 26, 2010

Got platelets?

I do! 126,000 of them actually! That is the highest my platelets have been in a long, long time. We don't know how long exactly, it could be years. We will never know how long my counts were affected by MDS. But something I do know for sure is that I'm happy they are improving. This is the closest I've been to the 150,000 "normal". I told one of the doctors and all she responded with was, "Are you serious? You are lying. No way!".They were very excited to say the least.

The other counts were holding. No improvement, but no decline either. My platelets are in the spotlight this week. Can't wait to see what's shining next week!

Another highlight of my week was laying in my bed on Tuesday night to realize I wasn't collapsing. I wasn't exhausted. Yes, I was tired, but healthy people are tired too. I started to wonder if the exhaustion would ever go away. I wondered if I would ever feel energized again. God answered in a big way. I was laying there crying. The tears were happy. I was crying because I was only tired. My body didn't ache of exhaustion. My head didn't hurt and my legs weren't heavy. I was only tired. I'm healing. It was an incredible thing to realize and be aware of. One of those precious moments I will always treasure.

Earlier that night, I went around the house asking everyone the scariest and happiest moment of the past twelve months. My Mom cringed as she relived the code. Looking at what we have overcome is amazing. In the last twelve months I've been diagnosed with six different diseases. I've spent most of my days at PCH. I've coded. I've had a transplant. I've lost liters of blood and tears. My hair is gone and I've been poked and prodded. I've got a scar from each of the five biopsies and three surgeries. Over 70 units of product have been infused into my 5' 4" frame. I've been nauseous, received more drugs than you can imagine, and endured numerous side infections. I've been sick.

But in the past twelve months I've also overcome my fear of needles, learned to enjoy living in the moment, and I've gotten to know so many new people. I've changed my priorities and started a charity. I've gained confidence and appreciation. My relationship with each of my family members and friends has deepened. I know that whatever I want to do in life, I can. No matter the odds or the people who doubt me. I've gained perspective. I've lived and I've been healthy.

The moral is that the lessons I've learned will stick around longer than the scars will. I've been so blessed to have a second chance to live, and I plan on enjoying it.


  1. You are such an inspiration to so many. We are all so blessed to have your strength and positive thinking in our lives.
    Keeping you and your wonderful family our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Wow!! You have been through so much!! But through it all, you've kept climbing and kept the faith!! And look where you are now!! You are amazing!! Love ya, Jena

  3. Great news about your platelets! Your progress is a great testimony to all of the prayers that are being answered. Each positive step forward in your journey to recovery are cause for celebration for all of us following your Climb. You already had a beautiful spirit but the strength this experience has given you will only enhance each moment of your beautiful life ahead. You help so many of us to remember what is important and to enjoy the moment. Love, Kindra

  4. Thais is amazing news Ceci! (: I am so proud of you. Those are wonderful lessons to have learned. I hope you know how much i love you and how much i am grateful for you. (A LOT) And keep fighting. (:
    Love, Naomi

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  6. wow I think you have me beat on the hospital stays!!! Do you remember a few months ago when we were begging for platelets to grow???? I guess our prayers have been answered!!! Wow what a miracle! We have learned a lot through this.. The most important thing is that I love You sooo much I don't know what to do with all the love!! so I hope I am doing a good job by giving it back to you :) love you

  7. Praise the Lord for those platelets!!!! And, isn't it refreshing to cry happy tears? Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us---it makes us stop and appreciate so much that we take for granted. When I think of your mom's beautiful smile and continuous great attitude, I understand why you are able to push thru your fears and come out victorious! Much love, Rexie & Kathy

  8. Caroline, thank you so much for sharing this in your blog. I am moved to tears and just want you to know how much I love you and your family. You are amazing and so special.