Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day Seventy. <----WOW!

We went to clinic today and they removed the final stitch from my left shoulder-pain and blood free thanks to those platelets which were at 128 today! We threw lots of questions at our PA (physicians assistant). When could I go get new glasses? My eyesight has markedly decreased. I can be sitting at a stoplight and unable to read the street sign. (Don't worry, no driving until I get glasses! You are still safe to be on the road.) No contacts for awhile because they can lead to infection. She said my eyesight would continue to change even 3 months from now. When are we removing the Broviac? She said as soon as my body can handle enough magnesium and when I am able to drink enough fluids. Plus without need of an infusion. When will I be off of the tacro? Hopefully by the middle of this month. When could I see the dentist? When we remove your Broviac and put you on a special antibiotic. When can I go shopping? Yeah, I didn't get a very clear answer. She just laughed. Lots of q&a. I suggested she take me off of the tacro, fluids, and magnesium today and remove my Broviac tomorrow. I was problem solving for her! But she didn't go for it. I got the "this is best for your body spiel" and "what could happen if we did that" talk.

The good news is we are lowering the Tacro to 0.6 today. The fluids were cut in half along with the amount of magnesium. All heading in the correct direction. See my persuasive argument wasn't wasted!

I have been on a low sugar diet for the past week and a half now. Basically no sugary candy, gatorade, soda, etc. It's honestly not as hard as I expected. Granted, I do have sugar free candy and lots of carbs. I cheated for the first time today. Ryan brought me a piece of chocolate cake. That Ryan!! The only thing about the diet restrictions that has gotten to me is my craving for Buffalo Wild Wings lately. I wasn't even a huge fan before, but it sounds so good. The boys ordered pizza and wings. I ate Totinos frozen pizza and pouted for the rest of the night. But I'm over it and excited now. I hate to admit it, but without cramming my face full of ALL of that sugar; I feel better. My body feels more steady. I don't have random bursts of energy and then crash. It's a nice change.

So far so good with the Lupron situation. I'm due for my shot next week, but with my platelets almost at a normal range I'm hoping thats something I can go without.

Probably the best news to report is that my next appointment at clinic isn't scheduled until next Tuesday. We can always walk in and have an appointment any day. Plus, my Mom gets a little nervous unless I have labs drawn twice a week. I understand, it's scary trying to decode what your body is saying. But we better get used to it. Seven days free of that place sounds wonderful.

Oh, and the picture is of Allan and I doing yard work. Well, okay, Allan working and me watching. But I did hammer a few times. We fertilized Grandpa's fruit trees.


  1. Love the pic, Ceci!! Too cute! In a couple of weeks, I'll be able to see those fruit trees you fertilized! ;)

  2. Gee, you look almost as tough as Allan.....well, his muscle is bulging a little more than yours. Keep on keeping on. Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  3. What GREAT NEWS that your platelets are almost normal. We continue to mention you in every prayer that is said. Tomorrow we will go to our temple in Richland, WA and will put your name on the prayer roll there. Your name is placed in an envelope and only us and God know (a friend once asked me if the name was on a bulletin board or lighted in neon colors). People pray for you from early morning til late at night for two weeks and then we put the name on again. We do believe in MIRACLES and you most definitely my dear are one! Your picture is cute!

  4. Good Job Cec!! You are doing wonderful!! At least you have an excuse for not knowing which way to turn on a street! I get so lost turning left when I am supposed to go right. I could an excuse like yours :) Keep up the good work. Love the blue hat! love you