Friday, February 19, 2010

Read this. Trust me.

Obviously this wasn't a recent picture. My hair didn't grow that fast.

Hmm..who wants to hear some good news? Because I've got quite a bit to share! Let's start with Thursday's appointment. My counts are improving! My hemoglobin had increased to 10.1 and my platelets were at sixty-one from their previous forty-three. This is the first time my counts had improved on their own in the past 12 months. That means no transfusion or drug to assist their production. Ryan's cells and God's grace pulled this off. One of the beloved clinic nurses ran into our glass room and delivered the great news. Mom was in tears. A constant stream of emotion filled the room. After, we were visited by Dr. Etzl and various other doctors and nurses who congratulated us. Everyone was extremely pleased. Kiery said ideally if my platelets remained at thirty and my ANC at 1,300 for a year she would have been happy. Well, we have already passed that!

The only downside to Thursday (if you can even consider it a downside) would be that one virus level was elevated. It was a small increase. The level was in the nine-hundreds. Our doctor was not worried. The only thing we will do is monitor it closely for an increase. If it approached around five-thousand we would consider starting a stronger medication. We got news early this morning the level had dropped back down to zero. Now, we officially couldn't have gotten better news.

But yet, we did. They called this evening. The chimerism results came in! Like I mentioned before, all we wanted to see is improvement. Well, we got it! Ryan was 57.5% in the T cells and 94.5% overall. The doctors were pleased with these improvements also. The previous numbers were T Cells 41% and overall 89.5%.

Just a reminder (mostly to remind myself) that things can still change. Numbers can still fluctuate. We have to keep on top of things even more now. No rules are removed. However; we are that much closer. This is one big, huge, gigantic hurdle we can say we've overcome! I can hear the chorus singing..."Hallelujah" and "It's a Raining Cells."


  1. Ceci, we had steak to celebrate that you made your own platelets for the first time in 12 months, what are we going to do for this!!!!! It is your call....Gammie says: "It is not the greatness of your faith that moves mountains, but your faith in the greatness of God." Hope you feel like visiting over on the front porch today!!!!! Would you be surprised to know that I Love you very much. Gammie

  2. WOOHOO!!!!! This is awesome news, Ceci!!!! God is good, that's for sure!!!!! Love ya girl!! Jena Belle

  3. Oh, Ceci, I am almost too teary to type!!! I am soooo very thankful to God for you and your amazing family who have touched and helped so many. It is exciting and encouraging to begin to see what God is going to do in your life. You are loved! Kathy & Rexie

  4. Dear Ceci, I am sitting in my computer room with tears rolling down my cheeks. We all have been praying so hard for good news. I decided that each Sunday I could fast for you to show more faith. There isn't much I can do since we're 1400 miles away, but we are using lots of FAITH, saying lots of prayers, and sending lots of positive thoughts your way. We know that prayers are answered. We continue to pray for your little friend Kate. Any news on her? I visited with Pam G last week (to get our reservations since we will be in Arizona from the 14-21 of March for Richard and I get to stay til the 25th). We are hoping that we might just get 5 minutes with you and to give you a huge WA hug in person. A dear friend of mine keeps telling me that prayers are answered in 3 ways: 1) Yes 2) Not yet 3) I have something much better in store for you. We have seen all three answers during this climb. . . . .We constantly pray for more and more good news. HUGS from WA (yes, it is getting warmer). Love, Tamara and Richard

  5. YAY! Congratulations Ceci! thats just what i needed to brighten my day. (: I am so excitied for you! Keep uo the fantastic work babe. (:
    <3 naomi

  6. Cec, this is wonderful!! Of course you already passed your goal! You always were an over-achiever (: The positive prayers are always on their way and I'm sooo so so sooo so glad you're improving! I love you huge amounts and can't wait for the next good news!