Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

The test is officially out of my hands (hah like it was ever in my hands). The results should be back by next week.

I've had a few symptoms of the flu lately. They did a swab to evaluate what might be wrong. Thankfully, the swab came back negative. They are attributing the symptoms to allergies which I've never had before. Allergies are a small price to pay for uhh living!

We are still having trouble balancing the magnesium. I will remain on the IV fluids with Mag. until I am off of the Tacrolimus. Tacro is extremely hard on your kidneys. It excretes magnesium at a faster rate than normal (hence the need for magnesium). The good news is that we are approaching the time to start tapering off the Tacro! That means my skin will be less sensitive, less need for fluids, and my kidneys won't be stressed. Plus, the best part, the sooner the Tacro is removed, the sooner I get to go in public!

I have been very tired lately. They have been using the process of elimination to determine the cause. First, they claimed the Mono was the culprit and then we tried adding a pill to counteract the Lupron shot I receive every 3 months . However; I'm still tired. On Thursday, we are going to check my adrenal glands. Stress or steroids can harm the glands which produce adrenaline. Plus, the allergies could be causing the lack of energy. Last, the doctors continue to remind me, "Carolyn, you had a transplant in December. Your body can't heal in a day. We killed your entire immune system. Give it time. Rest and heal. Full recovery can take 9-12 months." It's nice to know that something isn't necessarily wrong and it's normal.

Yesterday, one of the nurses asked me if life was back to normal. I felt guilty. The look on my face was sheer disbelief. Was my life back to normal?! Is she crazy? Well for the first time yesterday, I got a taste of life outside the hospital. I did three things in one day! Clinic, Ry's baseball game, and dinner with the family. I didn't have to sit in the car! The wind was minimal. I wore a mask and sat down the left field line. Aunt Ro, Uncle Rick, Uncle Ricky, and Matt were in town. Plus, our friend, Janet even came to watch. We were so excited to watch Ryan pitch only to show up to a forfeited game. Two of the opposing players and a coach were ejected before the game even started. After a lot of yelling and heckling the team refused to play. We later learned the visiting team had severed ties with the umpire the night before. South Mountain eventually played an inner squad game (played each other). It was one crazy day. Later that night, we ate at Gamie's house. Chelsea came over and I actually felt like the teenage girl I am. Let's just say I slept very well last night.

When this journey started my goal was to get back to "my normal life". I now realize I will never go back. I've changed. My life has changed. The life I have in the future will be that much better, and that much more worth it. I'm not saying there won't be obstacles. I guarantee there will be, but it feels good to think this one will eventually be in the rearview mirror. Praise the Lord that I can talk about my life in the future. I owe all the thanks to Him.

And thanks to you for all of the support :)


  1. Whew!!!!!!Ceci that was a lot of information to take in. I am just glad you and your Mom can keep it all straight. Even though we ate outside last night to stay as germ free as possible it was fun and the weather was beautiful. Gammie says: Don't we wonder what Grandpa has done and who he has talked with in the 6 weeks he has been gone? I sure find myself thinking about Heaven alot! I'll bet I haven't told you today that I love you.......

  2. I love reading your posts, Ceci! There's so much information and positivity! We're still faithfully keeping you in our prayers! And guess what?! One month from today, I'll be in your city!!!! I can't wait!! Love ya, Jena

  3. It is great to hear that you're getting to do things even if its a little at a time. It is so wonderful that you're on the other side of the home....healing. The future is a beautiful thing to look toward and you have already made such a powerful impact on so many people. You will do great things with this charity and the whole experience. I would love to be a part of it. Keep smiling beautiful girl! Love, Kindra

  4. It was great seeing you yesterday!! You continue to amaze me. I believe you have already reached your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will continue to enjoy its riches and share them with the world. God has big plans for you!! Love ya.
    P.S. thanks for posting your mom's picture and not your close ups!!

  5. What a JOY and a BREATH of FRESH AIR it is to read your posts. You sound like a medical professional getting all the medications and terms just right. We are grateful that you are able to do more and more. Being patient and taking time to heal are always challenges, but you are doing super! Keep up the great work. We know Grandpa is smiling down too. Hugs from WA! Tamara

  6. You know, Ceci, you are so very easy to support and pray for---you are such an inspiration!!! I know God has blessed you thru all of this, and He has also blessed us because you have allowed us to climb with you. Thank you sooo much for sharing all your information. It's just amazing to think where you were in December and now see a picture of you sitting OUTSIDE at a ballgame! We Praise the Lord with you!!!! Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  7. i just read this one!! I was so glad i got to come over and chat :)