Sunday, January 31, 2010

Small Bump

Every Monday labs include a weekly check for any viruses. We got news early last Friday morning that I tested positive for Epstein Bar Virus (also known as Mono). We went into clinic asap that morning to start Rituxan. Rituxan is a chemotherapy drug. They want to treat the virus very aggressively to prevent it from progressing. I didn't catch the infection from anyone. My immune system is just so unprotected because the transplant knocked out my bone marrow (which was the purpose). However; it wipes out all childhood immunizations as well. I am a candidate for mono, MRSA, chicken pox, etc. They are all diseases that lay dormant in the body and can flare up. That is why we have to be so cautious and clean. I am not contagious because other than low counts, an elevated Epstein Bar level, and fatigue I am not symptomatic. The chemo makes me achey and tired. I told the doctors it was a good thing I had so much practice resting. It's treatable and has managable side effects! The mono is only a small bump. Thankfully we caught it early!

I will recieve the chemo once a week as of right now. Depending on the latest labs that time frame could change. I have a scheduled CT scan tomorrow to be safe.

Since I have been at Gamie's house I've heard quite a few Grandpa stories. It's been fun to have this time with Gamie who I haven't been able to actually sit down and talk to since last March. The construction on our house was completed! One last quick clean and I'll be heading home soon. Gamie asked me what I was looking forward to most about going home. I told her no offense (which usually means the next words are offensive) but my shower head is better. Honestly, I miss that most. I have a hand held shower that Uncle Vaden recently bought and installed so I can manuever it so I don't get my Broviac wet. It is awesome. So Uncle Vaden, if you are reading, thank you! It makes showering less of a chore! Well, that and my bed! There is just something about home. But without a doubt; I will certainly miss Gamie's company and being Chelsea's neighbor!

This week was a big week for me. I got my first official Ceci's Climb check. I am announcing the start of Ceci's Climb, the charity. My goal is to be an advocate for Be The Match. Eventually; I want to be a spokesperson encouraging people to join the registry. I want to help those who have to deal with MDS and cancer. I don't have the resources to find the cure to cancer. But I certainly have the ability to help those who have it. It has become clear that this is my dream and my desire. Obviously I won't be in public anytime soon, but from the comfort of my couch I can lay the groundwork and do the research.

Lets talk about my hair. Let's talk about the lack of it. I'm just going to say it. It's not growing; it's stuck. I have peach fuzz currently. So technically I'm not bald, I'm merely fuzzed. My hair started to grow back rather quickly after I lost it. Now, not so much. That's okay, less work! (Yeah, I'm going to keep telling myself that.)


  1. It never fails. Every time I read one of your posts, I just sit here and think, "She is so amazing!" Your positive attitude is something I need to strive for, and you've been through way harder times than I have! Talk about humbling!!

    I can't wait to see the awesome things you do, and all the lives you touch and help through "Ceci's Climb." I can't think of a better spokesperson than yourself! I know God is so proud of you as you have taken a hard situation and used it to do good and help others!

    I know I don't have to tell you, but Keep Climbing and Keep the Faith! :)

    Jena Belle

  2. I agree with Jena Belle 100%. Its the strangest thing....there have been times when I was kind of down in the dumps and then I read your blog and am lifted in so many ways. You inspire me. You make me proud of the person that you are. You help me to see the good things and know that I can overcome anything. Your Climb has already affected so many people. I can only imagine what you will be able to accomplish with this charity. Thank you for being you. Continue the Climb as we climb with you. Love, Kindra

  3. What a JOY it is to read your posts, feel energized, and realize we can DO ANYTHING with God's help and direction. We feel your positiveness through your amazing blog. We're sorry to hear about the mono, but grateful they caught it early. Thanks for the reminder to "count our blessings" and to see the positive--even with the negative is blaring us in the face. We want to be a part of Ceci's Climb. Maybe I missed the info sometime, but could you tell us where to send money and made out to whom? THANKS and we look forward to all posts. You are living proof that "One Can Make A Difference." Hugs from WA! Richard and Tamara

  4. Wow! Sooooooooooo amazing!!!! Ceci's Climb, the charity----what a wonderful idea!!!! You will be able to help so many and you will totally understand what they are going thru. I am very glad the Mono was caught early--good for those weekly labs. Small bump, indeed!!! You are loved! Kathy & Rexie

  5. Hey your blog info from Ceci yesterday and tuned in this morning. Long time listener...first time caller. Your blog is great and I will keep it at the forefront. You hang in there and we are all thinking of you

  6. Love your blog! You are an amazing young lady! Have you talked with Oscar from Be The Match? He is great and knows so much let me know if you need his info! Keep us updated on CeCi Climb XO Alice & Earle & Cody

  7. I am going to miss being your neighbor too!! It took me awhile to respond to all of these current blogs. Does that mean you wont be needing any colorful hair ties in the near future. no all you need is cute hats but wait you already have some and they are all adorable. I think you will make a lovely spokesperson!! you are even experienced from all those gilbert cares speech. Might I suggest or should I say my mom, to wear a plaid skirt :) haha good time. love you!!! keep climbing!!!!!!