Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keeps Getting Better

I am ecstatic to report that yesterday was the best day of my life (to date). I can't think of another day that could top this. I woke up feeling like I'd barely slept when the doctors came in. We started discussing like we normally do...keep drinking, switching meds, etc. However; after that, Doctor Salzberg announced that my platelets were OFFICIALLY ENGRAFTED. To be "officially engrafted" they have to hold consistently for over 5 days. I have gone without a platelet infusion for 8 days. Shortly after, the doctors reported that, "Oh, so have your red blood cells." ALL THREE OF MY CELL LINES HAVE ENGRAFTED. I wasn't aware of the qualifications for being "officially engrafted" because I thought that it would be a long while for that to take place. I was so elated to hear the news yesterday. Now, this doesn't mean I will never have a transfusion again. They warned me that I should not feel defeated if another infusion was the case. My counts can and will still fluctuate up and down. But this is a huge step! I was giddy with excitement yesterday. All I could do was pray and thank God for this HUGE blessing that I am oh so thankful for. I thanked Grandpa,who we all know, is in the passenger seat, and I thanked Ryan Paul. He won't take any credit, but I say he's earned some. Not only did I receive that news yesterday, but I was completely unhooked for the first time in 31 days. Plus, we are still on track for Monday! What a day.

Thanks to so many of you who have helped power clean my house before my homecoming. I am so excited not only to go home, but to a home that is clean. To give you an idea of the depth they went into while cleaning...they cloroxed every wall, scrubbed the tile with a tooth brush, and moved all of the furniture out to reach every spot. Not only did they do this to my room, but the entire house. Mom says they are giving me every chance to stay infection free.

We are continuing to prepare for Monday. Slowly, the pink palace has begun to lose its decor each trip someone heads home. I had my last physical therapy. The Apothocary store brought my medications for home. These are all signs that we are moving in the right direction.

I will go home on 12 hour nutrition through my Broviac. I am not yet able to meet the 2500 caloric need. (Pshh, before that was easy.) It won't be too bad though. I will only be hooked up overnight and even less than that in the near future.

I know this journey isn't over, but boy does it feel good to be sitting where we are. Only 10 months ago everything seemed to go so wrong. Now, it's all going so right! I am so thankful for that. I'm thankful for my family who have been there every day and night. I am so thankful for you, all of my friends, who have given me so much inspiration each and every day. There will be an obstacle(s) to overcome, but sitting here and looking at how far we've come, I know we can handle it.


  1. So very happy for you. Welcome HOME! Char Hawkins

  2. Ceci, Just read your blog. Seems as though you have been waiting a long time to write this particular blog!!!!!!!!! You have been a determined girl,but why wouldn't you be with all of the support behind you. I can't put Grandpa's name on tonight, but I know he would agree with me: "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and what I should do and can do, by the Grace of God I will do." Love you sooooooooo much!!!Gammie

  3. YEA!!!!!!!!!!! I was ecstatic as I was reading your blog! This is wonderful, wonderful news!!! OFFICIALLY ENGRAFTED--Those are two words that I never knew would put such a big smile on my face!!

    Your own bed is going to feel SO good! And how awesome of the people that deep-cleaned your house like they did!! What an act of love!

    Keep Climbing, Ceci, and we'll keep praying!!

    Jena Belle

  4. Wow! Ceci, I am soooo excited for you, but, honestly, a little bit scared, too! I can't imagine all the feelings going thru you. I am very thankful to God that you get to go home. I wish I could have been there to help clean---somehow, I imagine that a fun time was had by all---I doubt anyone has had more fun cleaning than the ones who were lovingly doing it for you. You are very loved!!! Kathy & Rexie

  5. What amazing news! OFFICIALLY ENGRAFTED--what amazing, wonderful words. We REJOICE that you are making such progress and will be in your own home tomorrow. YEAH! Hugs from WA!

  6. I had tears of joy when reading this latest blog. I praise God for the wonderful things that are happening for you. To be OFFICIALLY ENGRAFTED is the most amazing gift! I could not be happier and inspired by your Climb. I can't even imagine the feelings you will have going home and having the comforts there. We all continue to pray and rejoice as the blessings come. You have been so incredibly strong and patient. Keep it up girl! Love, Kindra

  7. Congratulations! The Solomon Family (London's family) are all rooting for you and celebrating right along with you! We are so happy for you! You've got the right outlook - gratitude suits you well, as will the multitude of blessings that will follow.

    Keep up the good fight!

  8. I loved having tears tonight...tears of joy!!! I am so happy to hear all of this and that you are homebound (well home, now)! Sending you and your family hugs!

    Mrs. Bray