Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. If you haven't caught on, I'm at home. I am typing this blog from MY couch while watching MY television. All I can say is that OUR house is so much better than THAT hospital room. Okay, I'm finished with the capitalized pronouns. I got home and walked around the house. I have walked more in the past two days than I did in all 5 weeks I was there. All I could say was,"Ahh. Home." My parents were laughing at me. I was a little hyper from excitement. We all sleep a little bit better. I'm tired because I won't let myself nap. Being at home I just want to be awake and walking around, but I have to allow myself to rest.

Sleeping in my bed was so nice not to mention good on my back. I helped my Mom unload groceries today. My ability to move around is better for a couple of reasons: there's more room to move, energy from excitement, and I had 2 units of RBC's on Monday before we left. We are hoping that was my last ever transfusion. If it's not that's okay because we know it's one of the last.

We had a big celebration before I left (and the nurses probably had one after). The picture was taken Monday at 2:00pm when I left PCH. My team of nurses and doctors made a "finish line". I actually ran through! Yes, I ran, not walked! Speaking of celebrations, there was a welcoming comittee lined up in my driveway. The balloons and "It's a Boy" sign were a nice touch. Now people are going to think I had a baby and a transplant. For the record, a transplant was plenty. There was clapping and cheering. I'm glad it was from a distance so you couldn't see my tears. I was just overwhelmed with excitement and love. You guys are the best. I don't tell you that enough.

We went to clinic today. It was only a lab draw. It was a quick appointment that lasted an hour. Apparently when you have a transplant you get the VIP treatment. No sitting in the waiting room and I wear a special mask. Plus I had a sign on my room welcoming me back to clinic. The first official appointment will be on Thursday and will take a good 3-4 hours.

I feel like since I've been home I've already started to eat and drink more, but I'm still working on those 2,500 calories. Maybe it's because I don't want to be on TPN at night. Being hooked up at home is better, but still brings the hospital environment here. Let's just say that on Thursday I'll be on my hands and knees begging them to take me off. I want to do what is best for my body of course, but I won't be sad the day the wires go. I've found I have to eat slow and that cold drinks bother my throat. Meat is still hard to eat, but slowly I'll continue to readjust to a normal diet.

I took my nightly medication (which thankfully there isn't a lot of ) and I'm heading to bed. I'm still so thankful to be home and engrafted. Every so often I'll randomly remember, and each time I can't help but smile and say a little thank you prayer. My advice tonight (take it or leave it) is to enjoy your own bed, your family, and your home. We don't appreciate what we have enough.

Keep on moving. Keep climbing. Keep your faith.


  1. Congratulations on going home! I can't believe that you got to go home so soon after the transplant. Must have seemed like forever to you though. The little comforts of home must be priceless. You must wander around and notice little things that you didn't even realize you missed. I am so happy that you are engrafted and you are on the other side of your Climb. I can't wait to see you some day soon. Keep smiling and being you. Its pretty incredible. Love, Kindra

  2. I am so glad you are Home Sweet Home!!! It is amazing to think about everything you've gone through and how far you've come. You have had such a great attitude and have kept the faith and look where that got you--You are running down halls, unloading groceries, and back in your own bed! You are definitely an inspiration to so many! Praise God for all he has done in your life! Love, Jena Belle

  3. Ceci, It was so great to be a part of that welcoming home committee. I am sure Ryan liked the Its a Boy banner more than you did. You know how boys are!! You loked so pretty when you stepped out of the car all dressed up. It was so good to see you yesterday, if only from a distance. Gammie says:"God never makes us aware of our weakness except he gives us his strength." Have I told you today that I love you. I miss Grandpa so much as we all do. Gammie

  4. Isn't it amazing how special it is to sit on your OWN couch and watch your OWN TV while typing???? I feel so very content for you. In fact, reading your blog helped me this morning to be very appreciative of my own home. Thanks, Ceci. I wish we could have been there to clap and cheer with your friends and family, but be assured, many are cheering on the inside here in Arnett, Ok!!!! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!!!!! Much Love, Kathy & Rexie

  5. Congrats on being home!!! I am so happy for you!! And there truly is no place like home!! Cody, Alice and Earle

  6. There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME. We are so grateful you have made this huge step. Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped prepare for your homecoming. . . .Onward and upward. Hugs from WA!

  7. I am so happy to hear that you have finally made it back to the comfort of your own home! You are such an inspiration and have truly given a new, and far more powerful meaning to the phrase "home sweet home". Colleen :)