Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preliminary Results

I still don’t have a final report on the biopsy yet, but I figured it’s about time I share the preliminary results.

Two weeks ago, we got a call from Doctor Adams. My Mom’s face lit up and her voice rose in pitch as she said, “It’s the hospital!”, a number I have seen on my caller ID all too much. We were desperate for answers. It felt like Doctor Adams words were carrying my future. But we all know my future doesn’t rest in Doctor Adams vocal cords, but in God’s hands. My heart sank as I saw the words “fibrosis” in my Mom’s loose handwriting.  Thoughts were racing through my head, they consisted of silly things like “If I have to do this over, I want a pain pump on Day number one”. They were tragic in the sense of  “How could God let this happen to me, not once, but twice?”. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as my Mom hung the phone up. By now my Dad was standing next to us in the kitchen, and fear spread across his face as he saw mine was tear stained. We came to find out that I misread my mom’s notes. Doctor Adams report was that my marrow looked improved. Not normal by any means, but improved from the last two biopsies. My marrow is still scarred from the past and existing fibrosis.

Two days later the phone rang ; it was Doctor Adams again. She had one test back. It’s a test that determines the sex of your cells. Not to be confused with the Chimerism, which is a more detailed look into the make up of cells. She called knowing how we were on pins and needles to hear the results. I don’t have a single female cell. They are all Ryan. It leads them to believe Myelodysplastic Syndrome is NOT coming back. So, by blood, I am a boy! I never imagined I would write that sentence and be okay with it, but I am thrilled. Like I mentioned earlier, we don’t have the final results, but in the meantime we will enjoy this new found hope. And that called for a celebration, which I can’t wait to tell you all about!


  1. YAY BOY CELLS!!! Thats what I want to hear...i think. I am glad you blogged I am seriously in love with what you say. You sound so intelligent and it is always so interesting to read. I think the creative writing class is working and I would give this paper an A++ Maybe you are studying something besides boys in college...haha Keep up the good work and HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY YOU 18 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the good news. I will share it with my LLS, Team in Training teammates this weekend.

  3. What 2 beautiful smiling girls!! Aren't friends just wonderful? And you, Ceci, have so many friends and family that just love you dearly. Thanks for the reminder that all of our futures rest in God's hands---I needed to be reminded and I bet lots of others did, too. Much love and prayers, Kathy & Rexie