Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moving Forward.

Well, I’m down to once a week clinic visits and soon to be every other week. It is my last week on Cyclosporine and they want to be sure my labs permit us to taper off completely.

I am also off of that yellow medicine I posted a picture of a while ago. Usually patients stay on this antibiotic longer, but it is affecting my liver so I don’t have to take it anymore!! Honestly, I think it is my liver doing my mouth a favor. Goodbye syringe of yellow grossness. I am also on a nightly infusion for only two hours!! I told my Mom going to bed without being hooked up to an IV seems so simple. It’s wonderful. Soon, I’ll be off completely and they will remove my Broviac. Oh, HAPPY DAY! Although it has been a complete blessing and help during my treatment, let’s be honest, it is not a very fashionable accessory. Maybe one day I’ll design patterned dressings, rompers instead of hospital gowns (where the back actually closes!!!), and cuter masks.

Well, I am back to the grind of school. Okay, not  "grind" per say but I am in one online class. I will be returning back to school in January or February. We are trying to work out the right way to transition back into school. My goal is to graduate with my class in May of 2012. GHS has been amazing working with us to determine the best way to move forward. Chelsea’s little sister, Mackenzie, is three years  behind us, and I love her, but I don’t want to graduate with her!!

I am so close to having free rein. I get to do more things, and the weather is cool enough that we can hang out outside without the fear of melting in the sun. Plus, I get to go to Oklahoma soon! I am so excited. I haven’t seen my family back there in a long time.

The combination of how far away I am for transplant (over 300 days), I’ll be off the Cyclosporine, and I’m 100% Ryan seems to be a winning one.  Just this October, I’ve gone to an outdoor wedding, a surprise birthday party, a cancer support group, a church small group, shopping, and to the drive in movies. And the month isn’t even over yet. Everything I’ve done has been is small groups or outside since I still can’t be in crowds of people, but everything is falling into place.

Sometimes, I am stricter than the doctors are, and I am realizing I have to start living my life again. I feel like I’m learning to spread my wings. My family and I have to push each other sometimes. The fear of getting sick, the worry, and the frustration; it’s all there. I heard this saying I really liked while listening to a sermon online, “What you focus on is what you’re heading towards.” I am going to focus on the future, God, faith, hope, positivity, love, and living, and that is exactly where I intend to move towards. Obviously, I still have my down days, tears, anger, jealousy, and I have a right to feel those things, but those are merely passing by.

 Just a reminder; it’s flu season! Click on the link below to find out how to minimize the spread of germs and proper hand washing techniques: HEALTHY HABITS.


  1. Ceci; you are looking great. I am so glad things are starting to fall in place for you. Thank God for miracles and patience. Take care and God bless! joe

  2. Yeah you do look awesome... Glad you are getting out and enjoying yourself. Bless you sweetie. xx Julie

  3. Hey, soon-to-be roomie! ;) It is so great to read about all the fun things you've been doing lately! You look beautiful in all your pics! God is so good! Can't wait to see you over Thanksgiving! We'll have so much fun! Love ya lots, Jena

  4. Gosh, Ceci, you and your friends look so pretty!!! Fun, fun, fun! It's great to see you dancing!!! Sound like you've been doing a mixture of things this month---good for you! We can't wait for Thanksgiving---we're so excited to have you here!!! Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  5. You look adorable. I love your cute short hair.

  6. Oh HAPPY DAY! What a JOY to read about so many more miracles in your amazing life. Glad you are getting out more and doing so fantastic. Yes, we do believe that prayers work miracles. Keep up the great work. You look darling! And to think you'll be back to regular school soon is thrilling to hear. Hugs from WA! Richard and Tamara