Thursday, August 5, 2010

ER & A Baseball Game

Hello Ceci's Climb Fans!

Thanks for checking in on our girl today! This is Aunt Jane to give a brief blog update on Ceci.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Ceci began to run a fever in the afternoon. She arrived at PCH and they began working immediately to figure out the source of the fever. Needless to say they admitted her. The fever abated and then returned at 1 a.m. and then again at 6 a.m. They added more antibiotics and believe it could be her liver or graft vs host that is the cause of the problem. They will continue to eliminate the possibilities to find the source.

There is a great story to be shared, however, that happened in the middle of her getting to PCH. Ryan was pitching yesterday for the Great Lake Loons and Ceci had brought her computer to listen to the broadcast. The nurses and staff were very supportive in keeping the medical team around her quiet so that she could hear it! It was cancer awareness night at the game and Ryan had shared before the game with the announcers that he wanted to send wishes to his sister in AZ to get better as she recovered from her transplant. Ok, no dry eyes for any of who heard this and especially knowing that Ryan had no idea she was at PCH! Can we all agree that this was a “God given” word of encouragement? I know Ceci would also want to share that Ryan went on to pitch 5 fantastic innings and he got the win. Go Loons!

As always, we thank you for your prayers of strength, wisdom for the docs and a peace that passes all understanding. You are all appreciated. Until the next update…take care!

Not so fast. Thanks Aunt Jane for updating while I was shaking like crazy. Fevers are pretty mean little suckers. The nurses kept coming in to take my temperature, my blood pressure, etc..which meant they would be removing my covers. That was cruel. I thought I would add what else we found out today. My culture (blood sample) grew with an infection overnight. They believe there are two bacterial infections. It could still be a little GVH flair up or an infection of the liver, but until further testing we can't be for sure. It's great that we know what we are dealing with; that leads to better treatment.

I forgot how annoying it is to be touched all of the time and the early morning lab draws. I feel so thankful I'm this far along. I think about the kids in the rooms next door and shudder remembering what it feels like to be in their position. I'm not sure how long I'll be in-patient or the exact treatment, but I just have to remember; "It's all about the climb."


  1. You are so right beautiful girl...."It's all about the climb." These bumps along the way are just have endured and survived each and every one and will continue to along your climb. I'm happy to see your great spirit is still there and shining through. It's one of many qualities that makes you the beautiful person that you are. Hang in there...I'm sure it will be a short stay. Love, Kindra

  2. Yep, it's all about the climb! And you do such a good job climbing!!! You inspire us all to keep on keeping on.....thank you, Ceci. And thanks to you Jane for updating us----it is so helpful to know what's going on----keeps those prayers more direct. Ceci, I hope you have quit shaking and that those antibiotics are doing their job. Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  3. I dont know if you realized but you posted this at 11:11! That must be lucky!!! Wow you have an awesome brother! That is so cool that Ryan said that :) Keep climbing I know you will but I just want you to feel better real soon so I can see your beautiful face around Tremaine again :)I LOVE YOU!

  4. We're praying for you to come home quick!!! Our horse wants to come by for a visit! :) Glad to hear your pain is under better control tonight and hope you have turned the corner. We love ya!

    The Driggers

  5. Thanks Ceci for keeping us posted on your amazing climb. Congrats to Ryan on the win and his inspiration in the words he chose to share. You just keep expanding your circle of influence. With each new adventure and each new step on the climb, more and more people rejoice because they know and love you! HUGS from WA! Richard and Tamara