Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy Bee (named Ceci)

I've actually been busy for reasons not related to the hospital. Last week, I had been resting up for day one-hundred. Friday morning we went in for labs. We talked to Dr. Douglas and blindsided her with the question, "Could we go out to eat?". After a great debate with fellow nurses and doctors, researching the restaurant menu, and many weary facial expressions they said I could eat outside. I could have the chicken and baked potato. No salad, fruit, or ice. I finally decided it wasn't worth the worry. Every member of my family would sit at the restaurant smiling on the outside and fretting on the inside. I know, I'm loved. If the doctors were making such a big deal out of this; it surely wasn't worth it.The problem with making decisions post-transplant is the fact that they are all based on judgement. As we all know judgement and personality vary with each person which leads to inconsistent answers. I'm not saying this to shake my finger at PCH. I love that fact that they think I'm "too precious" to risk. I happen to feel the same way. But inconsistency is frustrating.

I came home from clinic Friday to a room filled with bright balloons decorated with the number one-hundred. Ryan surprised me. (Insert "oooo", "aww", or other approving comment here.) He's a keeper. He has been consistent.

I had a lovely night. Gamie, Aunt Jane, Aunt Ro, and Momma cooked the menu of my choosing. Plus my parents spoiled me by ordering my favorite cake. It's called the "Chocolate Tower" if that tells you anything. We sat on the back porch and laughed all night long. Being at a restaurant didn't cross my mind. I have been blessed with quite the family.

I ordered a summer romper and it arrived Friday. It's been my first clothing purchase that wasn't pajamas since March of 2009. It told you this was a Daddy's (or at least his wallets) dream come true. My body has changed so much, but somehow I'm back to the same size I was before MDS was even in my vocabulary. No smaller and no bigger (just less hair). Well come to think of it; less muscle too.

I decorated Easter eggs with Gamie on Friday. Saturday we made Mackenzie a bunny cake for her thirteenth birthday. This is where my type A personality becomes both a blessing and a curse. It turned out good and I had a great time talking with both Gamie and Aunt Ro. Poor Gamie, she's going to get sick of me soon. I've been spending a lot of my time at her house while my parents are at work. Plus you can only stare at the same walls for so many months. I watched her and Aunt Ro make Easter dinner on Sunday. So let's see: I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today at her house. Most of the time it consists of me eating and making a mess. I've gotten to hear lots of stories about Grandpa, but I've been quite the talker. Stick me in a room full of people willing to listen and I'm a happy girl. Especially when it happens to be my family.

Today after a quick appt. at the East Valley Clinic, Aunt Ro let me practice driving and parking. Hopefully, I'll soon be off to the DMV. Tomorrow we've got our day one-hundred meeting with Dr. Adams. I'll let you know how it goes. Needless to say; I've had a great week. And I'm looking forward to another good one!


  1. Heather DriggersApril 5, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    Loved reading this post! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad you were able to celebrate with family and enjoy this fabulous weather! Anxious to hear how tomorrow goes.

  2. Someone get sick of you? I don't buy it. :) Seems like you're not the only one make improvement! Go Ryan! :) I'm so happy for you Carolyn. I love you so much and will keep the prayers a comin'!
    Forever love,
    P.S. Restaurants are sooo over-rated :)

  3. Ceci Girl: Just came in the house from seeing you off to the Dr. You came by to pick up Aunt Ro and you looked good driving with your cute new clothes on. Our prayer is that you get great reports today. It is a beautiful day in Arizona today. "When shall we all learn that the good news needs the telling, and that all men need to know." Grandpa would say "Amen" to that wouldn't he? Love you very much

  4. What could be better than sitting outside with family, just talking and laughing??!! Much better than a restaurant, huh? You are such a smart gal! I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, "Wish I could have been there, too!" I just love your Gammie---I'm glad she is right there so you can keep soaking up more and more of her and your grandpa's words of wisdom. Maybe you should start a book.....Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  5. It has been an exciting weekend for you!! I am so glad you are doing better. By the way i dont remember if i told you but your romper is adorable on you :) I am also glad the nurses think your special. I know that can get annoying but they really do care which is all that matters! I love you so much!!

  6. YAY CECI!!!!!! You are so amazing!!!!! You AND your family!!!! (: Aw a romper??? I wanna see a pic asap! I bet its adorable on you!(...I wish i could pull off one of those!)That must be so fun to hear al those stories!!! You'll have to enlighten me sometime (: I love you so very very much!!!! Love, Naomi

  7. Thanks for keeping us posted. We love reading your adventures and constantly pray for those miracles. God is so wise and gives us blessings and miracles, but they don't always come immediately. Part of the gift is what we and others learn in the process. Sending you hugs from faraway WA! Richard and Tamara