Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Thanks guys^
Well, the last few days have been uhm...interesting. I'm re-learning how to drive so I can EVENTUALLY get my license. It's a jolly good time. My parents have been calm and patient. They tend to brace the dashboard, but they understand it's a learning process. I drive slow and I'm the next time you are in a hurry stuck behind a slow poke, take it could be me :)

Medically, I couldn't be better. Everything is going great. We got the Tacro and Magnesium levels right and the GVHD is under control. We are thankful. So, so thankful. We have a big day coming up! The chimerism test is scheduled for Monday. This will dictate what the next step is. I'm nervous; here come the butterflies again. We have no control over the tests. We don't have control over much, and that itself is scary. Good thing we know who does :) Hopefully we'll have results by next Friday!

RPC pitched yesterday. I got to sit in the car in the parking lot, but it was fun nonetheless. The darn scouts were in the way, but that's okay we want them to have the best view. I get butterflies when Ryan pitches. I'm a nervous wreck. So I must be 100% Ryan by now. My Mom takes pictures and loads them on the computer. Over the years my Dad taught me some of the mechanics and he lets me critique the pictures before he says anything; it's kind of fun. But I won't be a pitching instructor anytime soon.

Clinic tomorrow. Tomorrow is Day+50. Half way to 100. Wow.


  1. Only an hour and 23 min until day one hundred! Good keep practicing because I am getting quite good at driving NOT!!! Maybe we need to postpone our license date although you probably don't need to but i need some help. I cant wait till we drive to Sonic together! Tell those scouts you don't care who they are they better move for you :) Love the picture. At first I couldn't even tell there was a person in the car haha are you playing spy again. Ill bring over the walkie talkies and find a nearby bush! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chelsea

  2. I meant only an hour and 15 min till day 50! almost there! oops ignore the above one oops. hey its late and my brain just ins't functioning. sure we will blame it on that Chels. LOVE YOU AGAIN!!

  3. Driving, baseball, and God in control of your life....Sounds like a great day!! :) Love ya, Jena

  4. WOW! So many positives. . . .so grateful you are helping us focus on the POSITIVE in our lives and giving God credit. What a blessing that you got to see the game (despite the Scouts and all). We REJOICE in all your good news. We're praying for more good results next week. Hugs from Tamara and Richard in WA

  5. Hmmmm. Pitching instructors don't seem to come as cute as you! You just keep on critiqueing(or however you spell it)--I bet Ryan Paul enjoys it. We are so glad all is going well. Just keep on CLIMBING!!!!!! Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  6. Praise God for the all of the blessings! I am thrilled to hear how great you are feeling. Driving? Wow! Its happening too fast. Taylor is out on the streets of Gilbert as a new driver. Watch out everyone! Haha...Hearing all about the things you are doing and how the Climb continues makes my heart smile. :) Keep it up! Love, Kindra