Sunday, December 20, 2009

Transplant Eve

Our last two days off chemo have been restful, (sort of). On day negative two and negative three we are still battling the nausea, but it has become less severe as the doctors and staff worked out the appropriate medication schedule. They are trying to prevent the loss of fluids in my body.

Transplant Eve is upon us. December may officially be my favorite month of the year. Santa, friends, stem cells, family, and Christ's birthday! That is a
winning combination.

We've been talking through a couple of things like hair loss and the lengthy stay, and of course good health. However; we've decided We will deal with those as they approach us, but for now we are fighting one battle at a time. I've will be excreting all of the MDS just in time for the new cells to arrive tomorrow!

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  1. Alan those arm bands are suppose to go to the nurses!!!!!!And you need to be working out a little more. Those biceps are drooping.