Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chemo Complete!

Thanks Aunt Jane for updating yesterday.

Woah. It has been a rough two days. After we sailed through the first two days; the third day a title wave hit. A title wave of nausea. I can honestly say the strain both mentally and physically were overwhelming and I'm glad to have those 2 days behind me. As Ry puts it, "I'm ridding my system of MDS". The chemotherapy has proved it's toxicity. I get anti nausea medicine every two hours and I'm wearing the sea sick patch behind my ear. We hope to have the nausea under control moving forward! I've mostly been eating ramen noodles and cheerios. I cram down as many carbs as my tummy allows. We don't want to have to start any IV nutrition.

I can honestly say I have still been getting up and exercising. Some days more willingly than others. I've started making faces to show how poor I feel attempting to persuade them that they should go easy on me, yeah, nobody fell for it. Well, except for Mom. The plan is to rest and be strong moving forward. Keep on a 2,500 calorie diet, being active, and mouthcare. Basically we want to set ourselves up for success.

Ryan got his second round of shots this morning and can already feel the side affects. He has an achey back, stiff neck, and his thighs are sore. Allan claims "he wouldn't complain. He would be tougher." All I can say is that all of the pain Ryan and I've endured is weakness leaving the body. Leaving room for strength only.

I'm feeling well tonight and praising God for holding my hand through the last two days especially. I cannot stress how thankful I am for all of the support and love I've seen. Dr. Adams no longer has to fly in platelets thanks to many generous donors. However; platelets are always in need.

I know there will be more rough days to come, but don't forget to "Keep on moving, keep climbing. Keep your faith. It all about the climb."


  1. Your attitude and spirit never fail to amaze and inspire me. The mountain is filled with your supporters in "The Climb" and thank you so much for keeping up with your blog. It is my only connection to you and how you're doing. Your strength is unbelievable so I will end this with a quote about strength in my weak attempt at humor.."Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of those pieces." Who could do that???? Love you!

  2. 3 words...You are AMAZING!!! Keep the faith and keep climbing, girl!!!

    Jena Belle

  3. Stay strong lovey and tell Ryan i love him for doing this. I know you will keep the faith and keep climbing because you have it in you! Love you!!!