Monday, November 9, 2009


Today's counts: ANC-126, WBC-0.7, Hemoglobin-9.9, and platelets-18.We got preliminary results over the phone Saturday. Doctor Etzl called and reported the bone marrow had gone "unchanged". He said we should be in clinic on Monday morning to start another treatment. Today, I got Decitabine. It was the same dose I had 4 weeks ago, and it was infused over the same amount of time. In the scheme of things, unchanged is better than a bad change. Although it's disappointing, it will be okay. I want to go into the transplant with the best odds I possibly can. If waiting 4 more weeks is what that means; then so be it. Plus, it means I will be home for Thanksgiving. I can't wait for the holidays. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I will get an infusion of Decitabine, Monday through Friday, and then 3 weeks rest. In some studies, it is proven that after giving 2-3 courses of Decitabine the bone marrow will show improvement. Originally, they had mentioned a second course, so we knew it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. However; no matter how you prepare yourself it isn't news you want to hear. The day before I had been talking to my Aunt Ro on the phone, and I said, "I could be getting the transplant in the next couple of weeks. Things are going so fast." Well, they sure slowed it down for me. I have learned that sometimes life is hard. There are days I want to kick and scream. As a matter of fact there are days I do kick and scream. But most of the time I can't help but smile.


  1. Ceci, I want to kick and scream for you but I am so glad you can usually keep smiling!!! You are loved, Kathy & Rexie

  2. Ceci, I can't believe you are getting chemo,sitting up straight,working on your computer and looking pretty all at the same time. But that is our Ceci!!!!!! Grandpa and Gammie say: "This is what we have found out about Christianity: It gives you courage to make decisions you must make in a crisis, and then the confidence to leave the result to a Higher Power. Only by trust in God can a man carrying responsibility find repose ."