Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MacBook Pro Baby

Wow! Thank you so much. I just got a MacBook Pro from my friends and community to help me through this long journey. Not just a MacBook, a MacBook Pro (thanks T)! This will occupy my time and now I can IChat with friends! My IChat account is carolynraychristenson@gmail.com, let's talk! I am tired today, but only because I stayed up till 1:30am last night playing on this thing! I blame you all. It is such an amazing gift, thank you. I can take it to clinic, do all my blogging, and no more thumb twiddling! Last night, they surprised me outside. They caught me in my pajamas, (well, okay I'm always in my pajamas) and brought me a real apple. They said "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." My response "I'm going to need a few more apples." They then brought out a bigger box and I found the Apple Computer inside! I had had a very hard day. It was long, and I was restless. I may, maybe, might possibly have been sulking, just a little bit. (Note to self: I need to stop being so honest on here.) It was just one of those days. Then, my friends showed up, which will do a girl good! Plus they brought me a computer!! I know, I know so much for the "NO VISITORS" rule, but it is still in effect. I wore a mask and they kept their distance. Thanks again for the love, prayers, support, and COMPUTER!


  1. Grandpa & GammieOctober 20, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    Ceci, What a great bunch of friends you have! Come to think of it you are pretty special friend yourself, also an incredible daughter, sister, grandaughter, neice,cousin asnd many other things. Grandpa & Gammies words of wisdom today: "Love cannot be wasted. it makes no difference where it is bestowed, it always brings in big returns." By the way have we told you today we love you!!!!!!!!

  2. To have a friend is to be a friend...YOU are surrounded...Friendship IS the gift! but an Apple is pretty darn SWEET!!
    Keep the Faith Baby!!

  3. Ceci, you have such true and wonderful friends!!! I know you feel sooooo blessed by them. I don't even know them but I just love them and their parents, too! And......I think you are entitled to "sulk" once in a while....Love ya, Kathy & Rexie