Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do I look like a 50 year old man to you?

After 2 STRESSFUL weeks of AML, MDS, AML. No it's MDS, well maybe AML. I have MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome). MDS is most commonly found in men over 50 years old and is EXTREMELY rare in young adults and children. I will be inpatient in the hospital for a 2 week to 1 month course of chemotherapy followed by a 100 day bone marrow transplant. Tomorrow I am donating the majority of my hair to Locks of Love. I'm tempted to ask for my own wig back :) Bald is beautiful. It's going to be a long road ahead of us, but I have my game face on and with the support of my friends, my family, and God I'm ready. And so the climb begins...

"Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of God behind you."


  1. We are all so proud of your strength, determination and faith :)

    I am here for whatever you need and of course the occasional farming jobs!! xoxoxo

  2. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. We love you soo much. These next few months will fly by compared to the last 7 months. Can't wait to see the new "do". Smoochies from the Buss's

  3. WOW...I LOVE THE QUOTE, POWERFUL! You are wise beyond your years! Remember, behind God is a conga line of family, friends and relatives! "Keep the Faith Baby"!