Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Really quickly, I wanted to let everyone know that the transplant was similar to a transfusion in process. Except with long lasting effects. I am thrilled to report it went great. All of our prayers got through! I need rest after our busy day. I'll give you all the details tomorrow! Good night.


  1. Praise the Lord! We are so thankful. What a day! I can't believe you took time & effort to post but I am so glad you did---you are one tough little gal. I pray you are resting well now. Much love, Kathy & Rexie

  2. Well, you can tell that I am my mother's daughter because I was going to say, "Praise the Lord!" and thank you for taking the time to post that! ;) We'll keep the prayers coming for your recovery!
    Jena Belle

  3. That is great news! I agree with the ladies that its unbelievable that you already posted! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. I will continue to pray for the climb ahead and know that you will have what it takes to get there. As always, I am with you in spirit and think of you all the time. Sweet dreams! Love, Kindra

  4. Aw (: That's so wonderful it went well! Yay for Ryan!! And Alan for being ready!
    Love you lots and lots and lots,

  5. Thats fabulous Ceci! Just in time for christmas too! What a miracle! :)

  6. Grandpa & GammieDecember 23, 2009 at 7:56 PM

    Sweet Girl: I believe it was 12:47 this morning when I received the greatest Text that said every thing was well. I hade no trouble going to sleep then. I know we still have a climb and that we need to keep those prayers going. One time I ask my Pastor why can't we stay up on the mountain top all of the time? I hate the valleys. He replied to me that all of the fertile land was in the valley and that was where we grew! My Pastor was your Grandpa! We are all still growing!!!!!

  7. What a JOY it is to see all the faith of your dear family and friends. We know you have a direct channel to God. I loved your Gammie's post about the fertile land in the valley. Yes, it seems like we grow the most when we have the most challenges and learning opportunities (as I prefer to call them). You, my dear, have helped all of us grow a lot in 2009. We look forward to 2010 and a healthier year. Hugs to all of you! We believe in past, current, and future miracles. Tamara in WA