Monday, December 28, 2009

Her Progress...

Ceci overall is making great progress through this transplant process. There are, however, things that come up and happen and you think…what next! She enjoyed almost two days without vomiting…big Praise!! Last night though was one of those “first” times that you have to deal with. She began to get sick again and she broke out in a rash on her neck and throat area. They are very careful with her skin care because that is where the graft vs. host will manifest itself first. In this case, the rash was an allergic reaction to morphine.

Meds had to be changed and monitored. It was a very busy night as the nurses came in every 30 minutes. Needless to say, she was tired this morning! I think we should even give her permission to be a little grumpy, don’t you think? All of the results of the testing done today were very positive and encouraging in the fact that she is where she needs to be in the process. They watch all of her organs (i.e. liver, gall bladder, etc.) to make sure they are functioning properly and don’t shut down. Thank you for all of those prayers said on her behalf!

Aunt Ro, Ryan and Allan spent the afternoon with her and word has it they played some games!! Boys, I hope you let her win!! They are all so competitive it probably got a little rowdy in the room…good thing you were there to referee Aunt Ro!

Please continue to remember Ceci’s next door neighbor, Kate. She continues to run a high fever and they are trying to arrest the infection which is complicated by the fact she has no white blood cells in which to fight it with. Just in case you would like to read about her, this is her blog sight: HYPERLINK ""

Aunt Jane

Penning for Ceci

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us about Kate--what a trooper she is. . . . . .so much like you. Hugs to all of you!