Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas greetings from the “Pink Palace”!! The day has been laid back and very restful! Naps were taken by all! Gammie, Grandpa, Uncle Randy, Tyler and I took a drive to wave to her through her room window and wish her a very Merry Christmas. Ceci looked very festive and cozy in her pink (of course!) sequined Santa hat covered up with a Christmas blanket. Her hospital pole is filling up with many pumps…meaning more meds to combat all that she has going on. She has been put on a nutritional med called TPN because she has a hard time eating and keeping it in her system.

Ceci has been blessed with such a great team of professionals. Her transplant doctor, Dr. Douglas, responded to the “pink theme” and wore pink shirts and even pink barrettes in her hair!! Is that cool or what? She has a wonderful group of nurses that provide constant care and are so personable. They work hard and have been such a blessing.

While this is not exactly the way one plans to spend a Christmas, we are just thankful to be this far along in the process of the restoration of Ceci’s health. When you think about gifts for a 16 year old girl they do not typically include blood, platelets and fudge!! Exactly the gifts that Ceci received today!

Next door to Ceci is a precious little girl named Kate. She turns 6 tomorrow and has an aggressive brain tumor and is in her 5th round of chemo. She is running a bad fever and they could really use some extra prayers. I know her family would really appreciate it. You quickly become attached and become part of an extended family when walking along side others going through what you are going through.

Gary continues to improve on his cold and hopes to be able to visit Ceci tomorrow! I know both are anxious to see one another! Thanks for praying for him, Ceci and the rest of the family. Our family prays that you and your families had a blessed Christmas!

Aunt Jane

Penning for Ceci


  1. Hey deary! I think fudge is a lovely present for Christmas! I also think that is very sweet of your doctor to support you by wearing pink. But then again, you always have been the trend setter! I'll be sure to add Kate into my prayers as well. Tell her I said Happy Happy Birthday! You grow a bigger and bigger inspiration to me each and everyday. Continue you're climb, and remember I'm always here for you!
    Love you forever and a day,

  2. Gramdpa & GammieDecember 26, 2009 at 8:26 AM

    Sweet Girl: The last time (last night) I saw your brothers they were in our attic looking for ski clothes!! I don't think they found any. If that had been you, you would have known exactly where yours were and packed 3 days early. Just to keep you on your toes: Did you know Disneyland opened in 1955 or that the first comic book was printed in 1802? Hope you are feeling much better today and your Dad also.

  3. Thanks Aunt Jane for keeping us posted on our dear girl. We keep saying lots of prayers for your speedy recovery, for the doctors and staff to be inspired to know how to take care of you, and for your dear family. The rainbows do not come until after the clouds and storms in our lives. . .. . .The clouds are starting to part a bit. We are so grateful for you and your inspiration to all of us. A huge hug from WA. Tamara and Richard (friends of Pam)

  4. Wow! What a cool doctor!! I'm so glad
    God has blessed you with such a wonderful support group. We will pray for Kate as well as you, Ceci. Love, Kathy & Rexie

  5. I've heard of that little girl named Kate. I will keep both of Carolyn and Kate in my prayers tonight :)

  6. Hi Caroyln,
    This is Kenzie on my new computer, and my very own email address. I love you sooo much. I will pray for Kate also, I know God can do amazing things. I agree with Gammie, girls are much more organized then boys. I remember the ski suit you handed down to Chelsea.. then I got it... then I handed it down to Shey-bug.. and Im sure Mikah will be next. Talk to you soon. Kenzie